Ansel Intelligence Corp - operating system for supply chain operations

I'm currently building a startup called Ansel Intelligence Corp (https://myansel.com), which is headquartered in Hong Kong, and we're heads down, designing a functional operating system for supply chain operations.

We're taking a strategic approach by building an operating software for enterprises, building a self-sustaining business, gathering an engineering team, and moving to attack problems that infest our societal hierarchies.

I believe autonomous decision making is going to become ubiquitous. I believe that modern technocapital-powered startup machinery is going to have visible impact on our societal architecture, reforming the very fabric of our society. This includes reformation of healthcare, military, governance, and supply chains, etc.

This is a matter that invites critical debate and massive action.

New World Order - Society for misfits, contrarian ideologues, and fiery debates.

City of Praxis

Are you inspired by NEOM, City of Praxis, The Network State, and the vision of SpaceX and many others who wish to rewrite history?

I'm the founder of the New World Order where we hold weekly debates on Progress Studies. We discuss how we can build the techno-capital machine to move political and technological powers to realize construction of the ancient Babylons and Atlantis in our modern times.

Details: New World Order Blueprint - Introduction

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Interests: History, engineering, geopolitics, and fascinated by great figures. Self financed myself at 18 out of Pakistan, left everything behind to be in HK under strict financial constraints, 2 years CompEng at HKU, dropped out, worked in tech startups, started businesses, and ultimately decided to attempt my life dream (Govern Corp, now Ansel Intelligence Corp).

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